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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 2, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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on this terror deal and brad thor and senator ted cruz on the woman sentenced to death for being a christian in sudan. it's an election night. whoa, set your dvrs, i'm megyn kelly. see you there. this is a fox news alert. a u.s. soldier held captive by the taliban in afghanistan for five years has been released in exchange for five taliban prisoners from gitmo guantanamo bay. bowe bergdahl was handed over to u.s. special forces on saturday. now his freedom did not come without a cost and that is the release of these five terrorists which lindsey gram referred to as quote the taliban dream team. new details are emerging every day about who these terror leaders are and how dangerous their release really is. fox' own kathrine has more.
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>> black suvs carrying the detained people to qatar. they recommended detention for the five on the basis they pose a high risk to the u.s. and allies and if released are likely to return to terrorism. >> all five are basically rock stars in the jihad world and now to qatar, the taliban will use them in a propaganda campaign. >> five men including abdu abdul hag wasiq is an alleged intelligence operative. mohamed nabi is linked to the network in pakistan. it's alleged he facilitated the smuggling of fighters and weapons.
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mohammed fazl is wanted by the u.n. for possible war crimes. a senior taliban official khairullah khairkhwa, and hullah noori is a former taliban governor. >> i can tell you that the assurances were sufficient to allow the secretary of defense chuck hagel in coordination with the national security team to determine that the threat posed by the detained people to the united states would be mitigated. >> we report the more than any other american tv network and the tend since 2008 the number of detained people confirmed or suspected to return to the battle field is climbing one in three and the men were hand selected by the taliban as the men they were willing to negotiate for, sean. >> the position is clear, this was not a negotiation with
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terrorists, they are claiming, that they don't represent a threat to the u.s. and making the case, they specifically, the taliban specifically asked for these five guys. those are the five they wanted? >> these are the five individuals that were hand selected by the taliban in their statement on their website late sunday night. the taliban described this as a victory and as senior members of the organization and what is clear in the military assessments and there is nothing, sean, to indicate there has been a change is that all of the men were deemed high risk, high intelligence value and they should be the subject of continued military detention. >> kathryn, thank you and thanks for reporting all day and staying with us tonight. >> you're welcome. >> major concerns being raised about the prisoner swap and the precedence it sets. >> the question going forward is have we just put a price on other u.s. soldiers?
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does this tell terrorists? if you capture a u.s. soldier, you can trade them for five terrorists? that's dangerous. >> if you negotiate here, you send a message to every al qaeda group in the world that says, by the way, who are holding u.s. hostages today, that there is some value now in that hostage in a way that they didn't have before. that is dangerous. >> these are the hardest of the hard core. these are the highest, high risk people. it is disturbing that these individuals would have the ability to reenter the fight and they are big, high level people, possibly responsible for the deaths of thousands. >> not surprisingly, team obama is rushing to the defense of the president and denying wrongdoing including acquisitions that in fact they did negotiate with terrorists. watch this. >> you have negotiated with terrorists. >> we negotiated with the government of qatar to whom we
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oh a great debt but he was being held by the taliban. >> the government can be accused here in negotiating with terrorists. >> first of all, we didn't negotiate with terrorists, as i said and explained it before, sergeant bergdahl is a prisoner of war. that's a normal process. >> have the secretary of defense say we didn't negotiate with terrorists. the fact is he was held in an armed conflict with the taliban. we were engaged in an armed conflict with the taliban and we have a history in this country of making sure that our prisoners of war are returned to us. we don't leave them behind. he was not a hostage. he was a prisoner. >> here with reaction, utah congressman. >> how are you? >> they kept claiming we don't negotiate with terrorists, this is a third party and intermediary. they negotiated with terrorists. >> that's the honest truth.
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if he had made the case he was going to do that when he was debating john mccain or mitt romney, he would not be the president of the united states. >> if this was the dream team of terrorists being released, no past releases that we had that they have gone back into the field of battle, the question is why is jay carney, administration saying they pose no threat to the united states. >> this is their starting five. this is not the guys that went awry. these are terrorists, hard core terrorists responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. i've been to guantanamo bay twice. i've seen them. i'm telling you, this is devastating to our government. >> all right. let's look at the rate. we'll put it up on the "hannity" big board here at gitmo. we're talking about low level people we released but they are the worst of the worst. >> these are the people they covet the most.
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you think of the men and women that sacrificed their lives to get these people. we had them there in guantanamo bay. i don't know. it's just -- >> we'll get into the flat eath comments, whether or not he was a deserter. some reports suggest that. will this result in hostage taking? message did we send and why do you think this was a bad deal? >> to bring an american home is a good thing. good bless him. i hope he's okay. but is the united states better? is it more safe? is it more secure now that we did this? you got to do this in the silver light of day to make these non-emotional decisions. there is reason why the president was supposed to consult with congress. >> you believe the president broke the law? >> yes. >> jonathan believes the president broke the law. we'll have a debate about that. why? what was he supposed to do? >> there is a process and kons cushion in place. we passed a law. the president signed it into law. the president says it was unconstitutional which begs the
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question, why is the president signing a piece of legislation he thinks is unconstitutional. >> let's look at the family, a member of his platoon when he went missing in 2009 said the following here. i was pissed off then and i'm more pissed off more as it relates to beau bowe bergdahl and fellow americans lost their lives searching for him and a taliban leader, their spiritual leader saying quote, we shall thank the all mighty for this great victory that resulted in the release from our senior leaders from the hand of our enemy. >> we got one american back but gave up five. think about this, we have been for more than ten years fighting in afghanistan to dismantle this and we put them -- >> one year. >> by the way, when you saw them giving hugs and all happy. you didn't see them, they weren't having to go to the hospital and doing all these
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things? they were treated so nice. >> they get 1.5 doctors for every prisoner as we learned and meanwhile the own va, one doctor for every 35 members of the military supposed to be taken care of, right? let's go to this. "the new york post" had a report this weekend, the sunday paper, the days prior to his capture that bowe himself the sergeant wrote an e-mail saying i'm sorry for everything here. these people need help, yet, what they get is the most conceded country in the world, if we can put it up there, the most conceded country in the world telling them that they are nothing and they are stupid. it goes on, i'm ashamed to be an american and the title of u.s. soldier is the lie of fools. i'm sorry for everything, the horror of america is disgusting. should that influence our decision? >> we have a process. i hope the statements aren't
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true. we got an american, i want to bring him home, too. to give up five taliban and take the senior most leadership, the country is less safe. >> what will happen when we have americans die as a result of this? we'll get into this more deeply about the sergeant himself and -- but also about his father. he did in fact mention allah and thank him at the rose garden ceremony and sent out a tweet, i'm still working to free all gitmo prisoners, god will repay for the death of every afghan child. >> he's an american. i believe in his right to free speech. i may not agree with him, but he's from idaho and wants to make those comments, that's what we do in the united states. that's what is different about the united states and everywhere else. but it does beg the question of why did we trade five for one? why did we give up five of the senior most senior leaders? >> let me talk about the president himself. during the shut down, the president said he wouldn't negotiate during the shut down
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but yet, obviously negotiating here. let's look. >> we're not going to negotiate under the threat of further harm to the economy and middle class families. we'll not negotiate under the threat of a prolonged shut down until republicans get 100% of what they want. >> what i said to them is this, making sure that the united states government pays its bills, that's non-negotiable. >> will i not geguate over congress' responsibility to pay the bills it racked up. i do not know how to be more clear about this. >> i will not negotiate over congress' responsibility to pay the bills racked up. >> i will not negotiate over the full faith and credit of the united states. >> they won't negotiate with you guys but negotiate with the taliban, a third party intermediary. >> i work for the people of utah. i represent them in the united states congress. try to get a meeting with the president to talk about something of substance in this country to get jobs and the economy going again, fixing health care can't do it but the
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president will negotiate with the terrorists. >> you've been following benghazi. you argue we've been lied to about benghazi and did it consciously. they say they have it negotiated here and wouldn't. i think that's a high and the lie about health care, keeping your doctor, keeping your plan and saving money. we've been lied to a lot. >> we gave more than 2,000 ak-47s in fast and furious and can't seem to get the dock thes from the department of justice. you keep going down the list, sean, that list continues to grow and expand. why not work with the congress? why not do what the law says you're supposed to do? >> why do i think if i broke the law i would be handcuffed and mug shotted and -- >> would he get past the debate with mccain and romney if he said he would negotiate with the taliban and give the drug cartels 2,000 weapons, when benghazi was happening, none of the military would be on their way and health care would be a debac
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debacle. >> good to see you. >> thank you. coming up, it's the question many want the answer to, exactly who is sergeant bowe bergdahl? now some are calling him a deserter. coming up next, a navy seal that went on two missions in 2009 to recover sergeant bergdahl and more reaction to the exchange. we'll check in as this busy news night tonight on "hannity" continues straight ahead. how are things with the new guy? all we do is go out to dinner. that's it? i mean, he picks up the tab every time, which is great...what? he's using you. he probably has a citi thankyou card and gets 2x the points at restaurants. so he's just racking up points with me. some people... ugh! no, i've got it. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points on dining out and entertainment, with no annual fee. to apply, go to
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welcome back to "hannity" in the wake of bergdahl's release. it's being reported he simply quote walked away from his post. went on two acceseparate missioo rescue bergdahl. the washington post quotes eyes that are angry because they feel the full story hasn't been told here and that six soldiers gave up their life in the search for him. is that true? >> yes, sean, well, you know, we've been searching for five years. i did two opts myself that extended over two or three days in total and a lot of risk to a
7:17 pm
lot of soldiers and it's very interesting that now after five years, when it's not in an extreme of a situation that we now have a delay or a transfer in some very high level operatives from the taliban. >> were you guys, as you were doing this, were you aware of who the new york post reported, some e-mails he sent out, i'm ashamed to be an american. the title of u.s. soldier is a lie of fools and he said i'm sorry for everything here, you know, we're a conceded country on and on. were you aware of those comments? >> no, at the time you got to realize at the time he was to us an american soldier, whether he did something bad or not didn't matter. what we were doing was developing intel that would make our -- effecting a target more, you know, effective, if you will. so it really to us is still doesn't matter. he's still a u.s. citizen. >> i agree maybe he was suffering from ptsd or the stockholm syndrome. you never know. >> probably.
7:18 pm
>> there is 250,000 guys back here that have gone multiple deployments and suffering from ptsd, potentially, i want to always give our soldiers the benefit of the doubt, but under the circumstances, if he left his post and he did so willingly, and six people lost their lives, does that change how you feel about this exchange, you know, one u.s. soldier for five others? >> i acknowledge that in my book. i wrote about one of the special operations that we went to to pick up bergdahl. obviously, we didn't get him. i remember putting down in my book kind of what a pain it was to ask my sale broeal brothers into a very hostile environment to pick him up. i still agree if he's an american citizen, you need to do whatever you can but you never exchange a prisoner for another one. >> administration's position, tom, that we didn't negotiate with terrorists. their position is that jay carney said this today, these
7:19 pm
five guys do not represent a threat to the united states. do you believe either one of those statements? >> i would give it a different name. they have a plan. if you don't want to call it negotiation, somebody made a plan and a decision to make this transfer happen. i think there is a plan. >> in reality, didn't we negotiate the release? i mean, in other words, let's start parsing words and splitting hairs. this is a negotiation and they are telling us it's not. they are telling us there is no threat posed by what is described as the dream team of terrorists. double that? >> you and i both know that you don't get better in prison. so they have been in prison much of their adult life, what is it, 12, 13 years now? >> they didn't like the united states more from that experience. they will not go back happier. >> yeah. >> so they pose a big threat to us soldiers and americans. >> all right. tom, thank you so much for being with us, appreciate it.
7:20 pm
joining me with more reaction is allen west. colonial, good to see you back. >> good to see you. good to be with you, sean. >> no threat and this was not a negotiation. reaction? >> well, of course, they are a threat. countless amounts of times previously. we basically turned over the taliban senior cabinet members back to the taliban, and we have to be really concerned about what is going to be the long-term ramifications and i don't believe qatar is going to honor any agreement because qatar supported the muslim brotherhood and islamist forces fighting in syria, as well. >> number one is don't we have to tell the american people the truth? we did negotiate with terrorists, did we not? >> uh-huh, yes, we did negotiate with terrorists and the bottom line we gave the taliban what they asked for. that did not have to happen. >> does this set a present where more americans are likely to be taken captive or hostage? >> yes, because what you have
7:21 pm
a non-state, non-uniform, terrorist organization that the geneva convention does not recognize because they don't openly declare arms or wear uniform. this establishes a different president on the battle field we'll have to contend with. >> what about the bergdahl family? the son and father and where sympathies lie. do you find some of these things curious, what the son said, the father said, the rose garden with the president. is that disturbing to you? >> it is definitely questionable and having been a former conbat commander and also having served in afghanistan, i can tell you if a soldier leaves his weapon and leaves his assigned duty post, he's a deserter and if this soldier took a canteen of water, knife and compass and you do that to find your wake of something, that is questionable. we're glad to have bowe bergdahl back home but the thing we need
7:22 pm
to, you know, look into is investigate the allegations of desertion. >> six americans died searching for this guy. you know what? those families deserve and some are speaking out. i think they deserve answers, too. colonial thank you for being with us. >> thank you, some of the families were lied to by administration as to why their loved ones died. >> that's a good point and we'll get to the bottom of that tomorrow. thank you. did president obama break the law when he released the five taliban gitmo detain knees? well, some claim that he did because he did not notify congress. we'll get the answers and ann colter joins us and we'll get her take on the prisoner swap. that and more straight ahead. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again.
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ready for action. welcome back to "hannity." barack obama believes he was above the law when there was questions whether or not the bergdahl exchange was legal. they have to notify congress at least 30 days before making transfers to guantanamo bay and a senior government official admitted that the law was not followed saying quote, administration determined that given the unique and exigent circumstances, such a transfer should go forward no with
7:26 pm
standing the notice requirement. fox news contributor leslie marshall. jay, it's a simple basic question. the law reads simply to me, they broke the law again, something they have done with regularity ask we discussed in detail. was the law obeyed or not? >> they did not follow the law. the law is clear that you give 30 days notice to -- from the secretary of defense to the various committees of congress that would be relevant to a decision like this and simply notice and certification that the people being released will not be place in a situation where they can do harm to the united states. the law was more stringent under previous administrations. it was loosened up in the defense authorization act that came out last year but the fact of the matter is the law is very clear. regardless of what your views are on this exchange and hard to argue with an american being released and coming home. the law required a 30-day notification. you know that these discussions
7:27 pm
were going on for more than 30 days. they had to notify and certify c congress. >> they have done this with congress, welfare, even jonathan says we're at a constitutional tipping point. as i look at this, leslie, let's play jay carney. he said repeatedly that in fact they would go to congress if there was any such deal. here is what he said. >> as we have long said, however, we would not make any decisions about transfer of any detainees without consulting with congress and without doing so in accordance with u.s. law. at this time we've made no decisions about the transfer of detain knees and in accordance with law, we would be consummiticonsulting with congress should we make decisions about that? we remain committed to the closure of guantanamo bay, as you know, separate from that,
7:28 pm
that is a process done in accordance with law. >> you're a law and order person. they spelled it out very clearly there. so they violated their own interpretation of the law. >> first of all, you have the signing statement and second of all, i concur with the u.s. contusion in article two with our own defense secretary, defense secretary hagel says the president has constitutional the authority. in audition -- >> you didn't answer my question. did you hear jay carney say -- >> yes, i did. >> in accordance with the law, we would be consulting congress if we make any decisions about this. his words not mine. they promised -- >> we have had -- >> that was their interpretation. now you're going to spin a new interpretation? >> how do we have letters, how do we have conversations, how do we have congressional members in both the house and senate on the record, such as duncan, such as -- >> leslie, you're very good at
7:29 pm
dodging. i'm giving you -- >> we have journalist reporting on this since last may. >> in accordance with the law, we would be consulting with congress should we make any decisions on this. what part of that did they not listen to? their own interpretation. jay, you're an attorney. >> well, here is the problem with your argument and with due respect, not getting to the mer merits of the transfer but legality. the president cannot decide the law is unconstitutional issuing a signing statement where he determines the notice requirement was a violation of article 2 of the united states constitution. he doesn't get to do that. that's number one. number two, administration's position, as sean played, the position of the administration was the notification and certification on requirements had to take place because that is what the law is and that the president wants to make this kind of exception to it, he doesn't get to do it that way. sean, h this is what i don't understand. you know they were working on this for more than 30 days.
7:30 pm
it didn't have to be public. >> you know how we know. we got some details. >> right. >> the taliban at one point in the negotiations, actually walked away from the table because they had specifically requested. >> right. >> these five people. and eventually got it. >> right. >> was this a negotiation, leslie, or do you spin this, as well, saying no, this was not a negotiation? >> well, first of all, sean, i know a lot of people will hate me for this but i feel if we get an american home, whether one or numerous -- >> i didn't ask you -- >> favor -- >> you're a pro. >> i'm a favor of negotiating -- >> was this negotiation with terrorists or not? of course it was. >> i don't think it was necessary a negotiation with terrorists. i think it was a negotiation on the -- >> and you agree with jay carney when he said they represent a threat to the united states. >> not to leave an american behind. we're not to leave americans behind. our men and women --
7:31 pm
>> the -- protect obama add all costs. baghdad did a great job -- >> sean -- >> this is about protecting the american men and women. >> the president knows he'll not be held responsibility. that's -- at the end of the day he's not going to be held response skpbl that's why he did it. >> all right. maybe he should be. the constitutional tipping point. hardly a member of my vast right wing conspiracy. >> jonathan is right. up next tonight right here on "hannity". >> i'm still looking forward to seeing your face after these last five and a half years, long, long years and to giving you a great big bear hug and holding you in my arms again, never wanting to let you go. >> words from a heart broken mother. anybody can sympathize with what they are going through but very bizarre statements and comments and tweets by the father. when we come back, the great american panel will weigh in on that and more as we continue. pa,
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i'm so looking forward to seeing your face after these last five and a half years, long, long years and to giving you a great big bear hug and holding you in my arms again, never wanting to let you go. >> i want you to know that i love you. i'm proud of you. i'm so proud of your character. i'm so proud of your patience and perseverance. >> welcome back to "hannity." that was a clip of bergdahl's parents at a press conference yesterday and listening to their emotional reactions, you can't help but wonder if you were the mother, father, sister, brother of the freed pow. they would be happy. out numbered co-host here on the fox news channel at noon here every day is jedidiah. he praised ahhal and recited the
7:38 pm
most frequent phrase in the koran. the most grace shows most compassion et and i'm working to free all gitmo prisoners, people that kill americans and "the new york post" reports that the son that was held captive said he was ashamed to be in america. >> right. my question is didn't the president or this administration know any of this? isn't this an odd visual optics for him to be standing with this guy tweeting about this, who then went home by the way and after this incident in the rose garden went home and tweeted more about wanting guantanamo folks to be released? >> yes. >> he didn't stop there. deleted tweelts. the story gets more and more crazy. >> and six soldiers died searching for this guy that may have gone awall, may have deserted, some sympathies for the enemy if these statements are true. >> it's a perfect example of his
7:39 pm
incompetence. he dips his hand into the war and says i'm going to free this guy, i guess? he chooses a loser, a deserter. >> only one. >> who killed men. he's killed those boys. he killed those six soldiers that went to find him. >> you're saying >> he's a traitor. >> bergdahl did? >> his negligence killed other soldiers. >> one parent that lost his son is furious. i don't blame him. i didn't put you on the spot in the beginning. >> why not? >> well, maybe i should have, but in all honesty. >> it's coming. >> this is a bad president. you have to agree with that. i agree it's a weird one. i have to tell you, i thought you were being more generous than i would be on the fact he went awall. every bit of evidence i seen today gives me reason to believe he was a deserter. this is not going to play well. >> i'm ashamed to be an american? >> yeah. >> we're -- as a nation, a conceded country. >> but this is why i think this is about to get a whole lot
7:40 pm
uglier. that press confess with the parents and you're right in what you said the father said in the end. he's entitled to his opinion. i agree with him on gitmo but what a weird photo opportunity. >> they took his kid. >> what is going on with that beard, by the way? >> he grew it out of sympathy for the taliban. >> google. >> no knowledge from administration. why are we sitting. >> are we chasing a rabbit? did this get us off the va scandal? >> this is a big deal, too. >> it's equally embarrassing. >> we incentivized the taliban to take american hostages. >> i agree. >> the taliban kidnapped one random contractor and the philippines said we're getting out of iraq and ran home with tails between their legs. i remember going what a bunch of wimps, thank god that's not us. >> liberals coming under heavy
7:41 pm
fire as we confirm more and more about this kid. >> i got to tell you, i got to be honest, it goes -- >> i won't hear from you for the next month if you go into hiding. i'll be in a witness protection program. we got to roll. >> it's administration they thought, they didn't do research and thought we wouldn't do research. >> it's the best case scenario. >> google. does anybody at the white house know google? >> they are waiting to figure it out. >> i blame her. this is her fault. >> whatever works. >> the outspoken ann coulter will weigh in and what she thinks about the taliban prisoner and change and i went to visit the robertson family at their headquarters, by the way, wait until you see this basketball game in louisiana. uncle sy explains what he would do if he were president. straight ahead. did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age?
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welcome back to "hannity." thanks to the commander in chief and his negotiating with terrorists, we don't have to talk about the pesky va scandal or eric shinseki. how convenient. here to weigh in on this and more, ann coulter. what is your reaction on this?
7:47 pm
you always have an interesting take on everything. are you going to surprise me tonight? >> i don't think we'll disagree, which may disappoint you. i don't think this is a way to distract from the va scandal. i think this is worse than the va scandal. what obama has done will not come as a surprise to those of you who have read my book treason. it does seem to fit in line with a democratic president. it's -- i mean, i keep waiting for someone to come out and say that at least all the news we have so far, no, no, no that's not true. those e-mails weren't real and no, the father didn't grow the beard in solidarity with the taliban and stand in the rose garden and sing to allah. he hasn't demanded the release of all terrorists from guantanamo in return for the children we've killed. but i haven't really heard anyone leaping forward to say this isn't true and the one we traded five terrorists for
7:48 pm
deserted, got six america conditions killed, why are we doing anything to get this guy back? he is ashamed to be an american. he calls america disgusting. he wanted to leave. so he left. he got what he wanted. >> i think that's well said. in other words, why do we risk any. the caveat i would make and you might call me liberal, i worry because i met so many guys with long deployments with ptsd. i believe the stockholms syndrome is proven to be real if for whatever reason people take on the identity or at least simp sympathize with their captives. it can happen. we set them there to bring them home. it could have happened, may not have. >> perhaps. i would recommend at that point that you read up on jeremiah denton sam johnson, james stock
7:49 pm
dale held for nine years in japanese war camps put in solitary confinement for four years. had their limbs ripped out of the sockets, backs broken. >> good point. >> legs broken and when jeremiah denton was asked to provide them a propaganda video, he not only blinked out in morris code torture, the first time the u.s. found out our pows were being tortured but said, the statement is beautiful. i don't know what's been going on but i stand with my government and i will until the day i die. boy, we don't have them like jeremiah anymore if this is what we have just given up five terrorists for, which many pointed out is putting all americans at risk. >> we'll see you at the studio next week. thanks for being with us. appreciate it. the travel to louisiana at the duck commander headquarters, up next, what happens when i sit down at their kitchen table with uncle sy. that's next straight ahead.
7:50 pm
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welcome back to "hannity". "duck dynasty" returns on a & e, and this week we're going to show you parts of my trip to louisiana i sat down with willy robertson and the always-entertaining uncle sy. >> saying i got the cook book. can i take it home? >> it's a diet book. right? >> i got something... >> there are cigars and smoking hot honey? >> that is famous >> first time i met you? >> how are you doing? >> this is something you can do.
7:56 pm
>> people are saying duet, single. >> how many glasses of tea? by the way... >> i figured that out. jason sifting in duck call they started figuring out what i drink. like, you know in a month. i think they came up with like 47,000 something, 500 glasses of tea. >> is that the original uncle sy... >> that is the one from vietnam. >> how many years in vietnam? >> i was there one year. >> you've become a rock star. you go out, people go crazy. do you ever think that would happen? >> no. every time i go to an event and they go nuts, very to tell them, i said what is going on here? i go up in the morning and i look in the mirror.
7:57 pm
okay? what is wrong with you people? we look in the mirror every morning. i said people don't realize god has got a great sense of humor. all have you to do is see our truck running up down the road with our faces. okay? he took four guys with beards and made them tv stars. that is a good thing. >> it's been good for u >> yes. >> not much. >> still... i don't have a phone in my pocket. political to me, that means you've got to stand there and just lie, outright. i'm serious. that is my view of politicians. >> maybe some people think, all right. these guys have long beards. can you imagine if uncle sy put up a web site
7:58 pm
you have four years to do it, spend $600 million and you still screwed it up? >> that is a bad example for him. i don't think he can do it either. >> no. no. >> he doesn't is a computer. >> i don't like to worry about it. i've got people. >> i know how to do it. i got my people. >> i am in the military, okay? first thing i do they talk about okay, we're going to events all right? sy for president and all that. they get riled up. washington, d.c. could not handle me. i would deregulate. i'm serious. okay? small people that are running businesses, i would did
7:59 pm
he -- deregulate. you were with phil when duck call business started right? the first partner, right? so in a good year, years ago, how many did you sell? >> starting out like 8,000. >> okay. >> he came and said we're rolling! okay? >> yes. >> now how many this year? >> i think what? a million? over a million. besides, sc complains when i say guess what? we've got a huge order for 20,000 callers he goes good grief. it's a different way he looks at this. you want to say good. >> he rolls his eyes. yeah. >> he owns one business, then there are those that do the work of the business. >> we're going to have more of my trip down to louisiana and
8:00 pm
the time at the compound all throughout the week. we hope you'll record "hannity" the series each week night, start your day with fox and friends each weekday morning we'll see you back here tomorrow night o'reilly factor is on. good night. >> i would lie to say to bowe right now, who is interesting trouble speaking english. [speaking foreign language. >> i'm your father, bowe. >> is the islamic father sympathizer. did he desert? did president obama break the law by making this deal? >> a bomb went off in the room. didn't have surgery within days he would die. >> fox news anchor bret baier explaining how his 6-year-old son survived a devastating heart ailment. bret will be here tonight.


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